New World Summit–Rojava, Part I
16-17 October 2015
Canton Cizîre, Rojava

The New World Summit is an artistic and political organization that develops parliaments with and for stateless states, autonomist groups, and blacklisted political organizations. The New World Summit–Rojava consists of two parts: a commission by the autonomous government of Rojava (northern Syria) to design and construct a new public parliament and an international summit in the region.

In 2012, amidst the civil war in Syria, Kurdish revolutionaries, together with Assyrian, Arab, and other peoples of the region, declared the autonomy of Rojava. This resulted in the foundation of the Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava which practices a form of “stateless democracy” based on local self-governance, gender equality, and communal economy. The New World Summit–Rojava, locally referred to as the “People’s Parliament of Rojava,” takes its inspiration from this political model. Its circular form emphasizes a communal politics, the surrounding pillars mention key terms from the Social Contract and the rooftop consists of fragments of flags of local political and social organizations. As such, the parliament is both a spatial manifesto of the Rojava Revolution, as well as a concrete space where its ideals are practiced on a day to day basis.

The construction of the parliament began in 2015. The parliament will be finalized in 2017. The summit took place on October 15-16, 2015, with the following representatives: Quim Arrufat (Popular Unity Candidacy, CUP), Janet Biehl (political writer), Sana Soleman Elmansouri (Amazigh World Congress), Akram Mahşoş (Legislative Council, Canton Cizîrê), Natalie McGarry (Scottish National Party, SNP), Katerin Mendez (Feminist Initiative!, FI), Amina Omar (Committee of Women’s Affairs, Canton Cizîrê), Amina Osse (Committee of Foreign Affairs, Canton Cizîrê), Ziyad Rustum (Committee of Environmental Affairs and Archaeology, Canton Cizîrê), Ilena Saturay (National Democratic Movement of the Philippines), Hisên Şawîş (People’s Protection Units, YPG), Hadiya Yousef, (Movement for a Democratic Society, Tev-Dem)


Hussein Shawish (People’s Protection Units, YPG) at New World Summit – Rojava (2015)

Amina Osse (Democratic Union Party , PYD) at New World Summit – Rojava (2015)

Quim Arrufat

Janet Biehl

Sana Soleiman Elmansouri

Akram Mashosh

Natalie McGarry

Katerin Mendez

Amina Omar

New World Summit–Rojava, part I. Block II Gender-Equality

Amina Osse

Ziyad Rustum

Ilena Saturay

Hussein Shawish

Hadiya Yousef

-Political representatives

Quim Arrufat > Candidatura d’Unitat Popular (CUP)

Janet Biehl > Political Writer

Sana Soleiman Elmansouri > World Amazigh Congress

Akram Mashosh > Legal Council Canton Cizîre, Rojava

Natalie McGarry > Scottish National Party (SNP)

Katerin Mendez > Feminist Initiative

Amina Omar > Committee of Women's Affairs, Canton Cizîre

Amina Osse > Democratic Union Party (PYD)

Ziyad Rustum > Committee of Environment and Archaeology of Canton Cizîre, Rojava

Ilena Saturay > National Democratic Movement of the Philippines

Hussein Shawish > People's Protection Units (YPG)

Hadiya Yousef > Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM)


Judy Osse