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Selection of articles on the New World Summit:

Smooth New World: Agency and Utopia (by Runette Kruger, Culture, Theory and Critique, May 9, 2017) English

The Kurdish woman building a feminist democracy and fighting Isis at the same time (by Bethan McKernan, The Independent, January 5, 2017) English

Syrian Kurds Inagurate Representation Office in Oslo (by Kurdish Question, November 28, 2016) English

A Rojava embassy was opened in Oslo (by J.O., ANHA – Hawar news Agency, November 27, 2016) English

Bygger ambassade inne i rådhuset (by Arve Henriksen, Aftenposten, November 25, 2016) Norwegian

Temporary Embassy for Syrian Kurdistan, Rojava (by Editorial Staff, ekurd.net, November 9, 2016) English

Assembly voorbij de angst: New World Summit van Jonas Staal (by Robrecht Vanderbeeken, de Wereld Morgen, June 24, 2016) Flemish

Power of Assembly: on the New World Summit (by Sumugan Sivanesan, Overland, April 13, 2016) English

The Stateless Parliament fuels day to day self-governance (by Editorial Team, socialcity, March 29, 2016) English

Nuove Linee per la rivoluzione in Rojava (by Jonas Staal, Sicilia Libertaria, March 2016) Italian

Reinventing democracy as an expression of freedom (by Chris Keulemans, ROAR magazine, February 14, 2016) English

Ein Parlement für die Kurden (TV, Kulturzeit, 3sat, February 10, 2016) German

Gespräch mit Jonas Staal (TV, Kulturzeit, 3sat, February 10, 2016) German

El nou compromís d’Utrecht (by Martí Crespo, VilaWeb, February 4, 2016) Catalan

Demokratie ohne Staat (by Catrin Lorch, Süddeutsche Zeitung, January 27, 2016) German

Inside Hell We Build Paradise (by Brigitte van der Sande, Open!, January 15, 2016) English

A new parliament in Rojava, Kurdistan (by Merve Bedir, The Funambulist, no.3, Jan/Feb 2016) English

Ideology = Form (by Jonas Staal, e-flux journal, no. 69, January 2016) English

Koerdenparlement in Syrië als kunst (by Sandra Smallenburg, NRC Handelsblad, December 8, 2015) Dutch

Democratie is ook kunst (by Rob Vreeken, de Volkskrant, December 8, 2015) Dutch

Umjetnost u središte emancipacijske političke borbe / Art at the heart of emancipatory political struggle (by Ana Kutleša; Ivana Hanaček; Vesna Vukovič, Život, no.97, Dec. 2015) Croatian/English

Dutch artist helps Kurds’ grassroots democracy grow (by Javier Pes and Robert Kluijver, The Art Newspaper, December 2015) English

Charlie Chaplin is een Koerd (by Chris Keulemans, De Groene Amsterdammer, November 12, 2015) Dutch

New Lines: a parliament for the Rojava revolution (by Jonas Staal, ROAR Magazine, November 1, 2015) English

Een progressief parlement als kunstwerk (by Robrecht Vanderbeeken, DeWereldMorgen, October 19, 2015) Dutch

Democratie zonder staat: het kan, in Koerdistan (by Mischa Cohen, Vrij Nederland, October 16, 2015) Dutch

Democracy without the state. Jonas Staal builds parliament in northern-Syria (by Domeniek Ruyters, Metropolis M, October 16, 2015) English

Jonas Staal: Politólogo (by Léopold Lambert, Código, No. 88, Aug/Sept 2015) Spanish

Constructing a Future Politics (by Nato Thompson, Mousse Magazine, no. 48, 2015) English

A New World Summit (interview by Stephanie Bailey, Ibraaz, March 31, 2015) English

To Make a World, Part III: Stateless Democracy (by Jonas Staal, e-flux journal, no. 63, 2015) English

Een wereld maken (by Jonas Staal, Metropolis M, no. 1, 2015) Dutch

Autonomy for a ‘New World’? (by Ellen C. Feiss, Radical Philosophy, Jan/Feb 2015) English

To Make a World, Part II: The Art of Creating a State (by Jonas Staal, e-flux journal, no. 60, 2014) English

To Make a World, Part I: Ultranationalism and the Art of the Stateless State (by Jonas Staal, e-flux journal, no.57, 2014) English

Terrorisme is geen rechtsstatelijk begrip (by Tine Danckaers, MO Magazine, September 19, 2014) Dutch

L’Art est plus politique que la politique elle-même (by Emmanuelle Labeau, Global Magazine, September 17, 2014) French

Politieker dan politiek (by Pieter van Bogaert, <h>ART, September 4, 2014) Dutch

Kunstenaars tegen democratie, voor democratie (by Eva Decaesstecker and Wouter Hillaert, Rekto|Verso, no. 62, June/July 2014) Dutch

Art of the Stateless State (by Jonas Staal, Art Papers, May/June, 2014) English

Verander de wereld. bedenk hem zelf. (by Robbert van Heuven, Trouw, 5 Feb 2013) Dutch

Kunst ter verdediging van de democratie (by Jonas Staal, NRC Handelsblad / Cultureel Supplement, April 12, 2012) Dutch

Art in Defense of Democracy (by Jonas Staal, NRC Handelsblad / Cultureel Supplement, April 12, 2012) English