New World Academy #4: The Art of Creating a State
17-19 october 2014
BAK, basis voor actuele kunst Utrecht

The New World Academy, founded by artist Jonas Staal and BAK, basis voor actuele kunst Utrecht, invites organizations invested in the progressive political project to collaborate with artists and students on the role of art at the center of political struggle.

Session IV: The Art of Creating a State

The National Liberation Movement of Azawad (MNLA) consists of an alliance of peoples from the Sahel and Sahara regions — Kel Tamasheq (Tuareg), Songhai, Fula, and Arabs — who collectively demand two-thirds of Mali to become their independent, multiethnic and multireligious state of Azawad. The history of the Azawadian revolutionary movement lies in the resistance against the French-Sudanese colony and the foundation of the French-backed state of Mali in 1960. To date, four armed rebellions have taken place since the establishment of the Malian state, the last one starting in 2012.

The Art of Creating a State centered around the role of murals, mass protests, monuments, and other models of cultural expression in representing the new unrecognized state of Azawad. In essence, it explored art’s ‘stateless state’ in which art takes over the role of the state in representing the history, language and symbolism of an unrecognized people.

From October 17-19, 2014, representatives of the National Liberation Movement of Azawad (MNLA) worked together with about 22 artists and students to develop new models of representation for unrecognized states, in the form of multimedia platforms and political campaigns.

Teachers: Moussa Ag Assarid (writer and European Representative National Liberation Movement of Azawad), Mazou Ibrahim Touré (Artist Association of Azawad). Group coördinators: Remco van Bladel (graphic designer), Iva Petkovich (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation), Gabriëlle Provaas (film maker), Rob Schröder (film maker). Artworks by: Moussa Ag Assarid, Remco van Bladel, Gabriëlle Provaas, Rob Schröder, Mazou Ibrahim Touré.


Moussa Ag Assarid

Remco van Bladel

Iva Petkovic

Gabriëlle Provaas & Rob Schröder

Mazou Ibrahim Touré


Maria Hlavajova

Jonas Staal